Thermal waters in Bulgaria

The original notion of a spa (salus per aquam) is based on natural hot springs. This helps people seeking relief from chronic conditions or simple relaxation soaked in mineral-rich thermal water warmed deep inside the earth.


Thermal waters in Bulgaria are infused with huge variety of minerals with predominance of radon, silicic acid , fluorine ,calcium, sodium, and sulphates whose health-enhancing benefits are exacerbated by the water’s high temperature. The conditions that have been especially ameliorated or cured outright by exposure to thermal water are bronchitis, arthritis, skin diseases, orthopedic disorders, neuroses, kidney and gastro-intestinal diseases and many others. There are more that 100 balneo resorts in Bulgaria which incorporate on-premises thermal water into their physician-supervised medical programs.

Spa resorts and lots of others are featuring rich in mineralization thermal waters, unspoiled nature and healthy climate to revitalize body and soul. Whether it is on the sunny coastline of the Black sea, in the wooded countryside of the highlands or amidst the majestic peaks of Rila and Pirin mountains – each spa offers you a choice of stimulating or soothing breaks and a wide range of outdoor activities.

It is an organic substance, product of natural decomposition of multitudes of plants under special conditions within the sea lagoons and some. It consists of organic residue of algae, herbs and grasses.

Over a period of thousands of years this residue was transformed into a fine paste that easily dissolves in water, has unusual concentration of bio-minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids in a molecular form that is easy for the human skin to absorb.

Its uncanny ability to heal, nourish and detoxify has been observed by people for millennia and used scientically in European spas for well over a century. It is used not only to beautify, but also to cure multitude of ailments from mobility problems, arthritis and hormonal imbalance to post surgery recovery and muscle recovery in sport medicine. Its actions are thermophysical, biochemical, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotics. Because peat has chelatic properties (it binds heavy metal isotopes) it is a very strong natural detoxifier.

Balneo mud is certified for treatment in the balneo therapy by Bulgarian ministry of health. thanks to the proximity of its resources – it is supplied in non-altered natural state, enriched with highly beneficial mineral spring waters. The moor mud has never been processed chemically or thermally top reserve all of it’s benefits as recommended by European therapy practice.

Hot mineral sources spouting all over these lands have been used since early antiquity in Thrace, flourished as thermae in Roman times and hamam during the Ottoman empire. More than 550 sites with 1,600 mineral water springs with a total debit of 4,900 l./sec. are scientifically researched and exploited nowadays. Read more …

Greatly diverse in physicochemical content and temperature – virtually all types of mineral water known on earth are found here. Prevalent are the slightly mineralized alkaline waters – 67% of all, 15% are ‘strong’, rich in mineralization and 18% are gas waters. They vary in temperature from hypothermal at 10°C to hot – at 103.8°C, the hottest and unusually rare for continental Europe, springing out of the active geyser in Sapareva baths.

All scientific studies agree that in theuniqueness, variety and abundance of hydrothermal, bioclimatic, mud treatment, thalasso-therapy and other health resources, Bulgaria ranks among the first in Europe.

Mineral waters in Bulgaria could help patients with:

• Diseases and functional disturbances of the digestive system
• Diseases of the kidney and secretory system
• Endocrine-metabolism diseases
• Peripheral and central nervous system diseases
• Inflammatory and rheumatoid disorders
• Degenerative joint disorders
• Locomotion disturbances, sport and accident injuries aftercare and rehabilitation
• Respiratory diseases – catarrhal and chronic states
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Immune system and allergic disorders
• Gynecological and male reproductive system disorders
• Functional nervous diseases
• Skin diseases

Waters with high content of the following elements are especially valuable and have proven therapeutic effect on various pathological conditions:

• Radon and Magnesium (regulate the metabolic processes,improve immune reactivity and vitality)
• Calcium and Sulphide (helpful for bones and joints conditions, skin disease, sterility)
• Fluorite (efficient in prophylaxis of the tooth decay, caries, osteoporosis)
• Iodine and Bromine (regulate the lowered function of the thyroid gland, limits the progress of arteriosclerosis)
• Carbon-acid (strengthens the cardiovascular system)
• Methacilicon acid (age-preventing effect)
• Iron and Arsenic (good for anemia)
• Hydrocarbonate-Sulphate (helps with conditions of the digestive and respiratory system conditions)

Bulgaria boasts of abundant resources of highest quality balneal mud in the coastal lagoons and healing moor peat, largely used both in balneotherapy and beauty spas.


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